Gohmert: God Will Judge Us For This Made Up Story

Gohmert: God Will Judge Us For This Made Up Story May 1, 2015

Louis Gohmert’s grip on reality has never been tight, if it exists at all, nor has Glenn Beck’s. So when the two of them get together, you know you’re entering a fantasy world. Gohmert told Beck that God is going to punish us for refusing to help Nigeria fight terrorism until they legalize gay marriage, something that happened only in his fertile imagination.

“This administration has demanded that they change the law to accept gay marriage,” Gohmert asserted, saying that he heard from fellow members of Congress who had traveled to Nigeria and spoke with local religious leaders that the Nigerian government had been told by the United States that they would not be helped in their fight against terrorism “unless we legalize same-sex marriage.”

“You want us to give up our religious beliefs,” Gohmert reported that the Nigerian leaders had asked in disbelief, “and we have to start paying for abortion or you’re not going to help us?”

“Glenn, we have elected leaders in this country and we’re allowing them to get away with this kind of thing,” the Texas congressman concluded. “As a nation, we will be judged and it doesn’t usually go well for nations that turn this far away from their deeply-held religious beliefs.”

All of this is bullshit, of course. We are, in fact, forbidden by law from giving many types of military aid to Nigeria because of that country’s rampant human rights abuses, but the Obama administration has been helping them in many ways fight against Boko Haram anyway. But in the Alice in Wonderland world in which Gohmert and Beck live, reality is whatever they declare it to be at any given moment.

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