Robertson: America ‘Doomed’ if We Mock Fundamentalist Christians

Robertson: America ‘Doomed’ if We Mock Fundamentalist Christians May 1, 2015

Pat Robertson, who once agreed with Jerry Falwell that gays and liberals and the ACLU were to blame for 9/11 because it had led God to “withdraw his hand of protection” from America, now says that God will destroy America if we keep making fun of fundamentalist Christians.

Robertson cited riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, legal abortion and the Supreme Court’s attempt to “bring in sodomy and put it in the Constitution” as signs that country is straying from biblical values, warning that the U.S. would be “doomed” without the voices of religious fundamentalists like himself.

“Sooner or later, a holy God is going to say, ‘I’ve had enough with you, I’ve had enough, my hands are going to be taken off your nation,’” he said. “People mock the word of God and those who proclaim it are laughed at as fundamentalists. Well, we need the fundamentalists because if we don’t have them this nation is doomed.”

Okay Pat, so how about you tell us at what point in American history God’s “hand of protection” was in place and keeping bad things from happening to us? Was there any point at which bad things weren’t happening because God was preventing them from happening? Or maybe, just maybe, bad shit happens. To every country. All the time.

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