Tamara Scott’s Weird Arguments on Gay Marriage

Tamara Scott’s Weird Arguments on Gay Marriage May 1, 2015

Tamara Scott, a wacky far-right talk show host from Iowa who is also a member of the Republican National Committee, has some rather bizarre arguments to make about same sex marriage. Like she thinks that feminists should be opposed to it because it somehow undermines…well, something.

Guest Carolyn McClarty explained the points made by RNC members who signed the brief, and Scott mused that feminists should oppose marriage equality to remain consistent with their views on gender equality.

“By 2020, they want 50/50 in the statehouses and the U.S. House and Senate,” Scott said. “They want 50 percent women and 50 percent men, they want 50/50, they want equality.”

Scott said banning same-sex marriage ensured an equal number of men and women were married.

“So my laugh is, why wouldn’t you want equality in a marriage?” she continued. “Why aren’t those same women wanting that same argument at home? Because we know children do better when they’re raised by their biological parents.”

Can you make any sense of that at all? I can’t. It isn’t even wrong, it’s just incoherent.

Scott said she couldn’t even support civil unions because that would lend state support of “the act” that “God has not condoned” and violate her religious freedom to remain unaware of gay couple having sex.

“The whole point of our concern with the same-sex marriage is that the act, that God has not condoned it,” Scott said. “I can’t condone what he’s condemned, I just can’t go there. So to ask or to force American citizens to condone something that’s against their deeply held religious convictions is wrong. So whether you call it marriage or you call it a civil union, you’re still asking your fellow citizens to embrace something that goes against their First Amendment religious protections.”

Okay, let’s try to follow the logic:

1. God says being gay is wrong.

2. Gay people want to get married.

3. Gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married because God says being gay is wrong.

4. Letting gay people get married is therefore a violation of the religious freedom of Christians because allowing gay people to get married forces them to “condone” something that God says is wrong.

So why doesn’t this “logic” apply to letting non-Christians get married? Or adulterers? Or those who covet things? God says those things are wrong too (from their perspective, of course), so why aren’t you being forced to “condone” adultery by allowing adulterers to get married? Or divorcees? Nope, it’s only the gays. Special pleading for the win.

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