Uh Oh. The Supreme Court is Losing Legitimacy. Again.

Uh Oh. The Supreme Court is Losing Legitimacy. Again. May 1, 2015

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: If the Supreme Court rules the way the Christian right doesn’t want them to, that will destroy their legitimacy. Yes, this is a repeat from Lawrence v Texas. And Griswold v Connecticut. And Texas v Johnson. And Roe v Wade. And…

Liberty University’s Matt Barber took anti-gay activists’ vow to disobey a Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality to its extreme yesterday, telling Iowa radio host Steve Deace that if the court strikes down bans on same-sex marriage, it will “no longer be legitimate” as a court.

Saying that such a ruling would be the “Dred Scott of marriage,” Barber told Deace that if the justices “presume to redefine the institution of marriage, thereby destroying the institution of natural marriage, this Supreme Court will no longer be legitimate.”

Barber said that there “would be no rationale” for such a decision. “There’s no constitutional rationale,” he said, “there’s no historical rationale, there’s no biological rationale, there simply is no rationale other than that they want it so very badly, ‘they’ being homosexual activists and other cultural Marxists, leftists, people who are seeking to undermine the institution of natural marriage and ultimately God’s design for human sexuality.”

I’m sure Justice Kennedy is terribly worried that Barber thinks the court will lose its legitimacy if it treats gay people as human beings with equal rights. Incredibly worried. And I’m sure that will sway his decision.

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