Denver Business Caught Engaging in Blatant Racial Discrimination

Denver Business Caught Engaging in Blatant Racial Discrimination May 2, 2015

A Denver business that specializes in HVAC contracting is finding itself in serious legal hot water after a local Fox News station caught them red-handed on video refusing to provide service to homes in a “colored” neighborhood.

A concerned employee at Mile High Heating and Cooling in Westminster, Colorado alerted the “Problem Solvers” at FOX31 Denver to the company’s racist service policies. To investigate the claim, the reporting team sent a producer to apply for an “appointment setter” position Mile High happened to be advertising at the time.

A manager at the company, who FOX31 Denver refers to only as “Andrea,” hired the news producer to book appointments at “Denver’s number one HVAC contractor” almost immediately. Within an hour, Andrea was training the reporter on how to cold call around the region to identify new customers.

Andrea gave the producer a paper schedule of which zip codes to concentrate calls on in the coming days. The producer asked why one certain zip code — the one for Denver’s Montebello neighborhood — had the words “do not call” written under it on the list.

“We call it Mount Ghetto,” Andrea explained. She further elaborated that Montebello is a “colored neighborhood.”

Meanwhile, the reporter she’d just hired was filming the entire conversation…

In cahoots with FOX31 Denver, grandmother and Montebello homeowner Pam Jiner called Mile High and asked the company for help with a broken furnace. An employee asked Jiner for her zip code and informed her they would call her back with details in a few minutes. But no one from the Westminster heating and cooling company ever called Jiner back.

A Problem Solver then called Mile High Heating and Cooling asking for the same service, using the same name, but citing a different zip code. A dispatcher booked her appointment immediately.

Neither the manager nor either of the owners would comment, literally just standing there silent when asked on camera about it. Here’s the video:

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