Peterson: Baltimore All Part of Obama’s Fiendish Plans

Peterson: Baltimore All Part of Obama’s Fiendish Plans May 2, 2015

Jesse Lee Peterson, who would need a promotion to get to be an idiot, has pulled back the curtain on the situation in Baltimore and found — surprise, surprise — Obama standing behind it. It’s all part of his evil plot, you see, to take over all the nation’s police forces and redistribute wealth.

After Malzberg complained that America is being turned into a “criminal-friendly nation,” Peterson declared that Obama is intentionally fomenting civil unrest in Baltimore so that he can seize control of every police force in the country.

“Barack Obama believes in the redistribution of wealth,” he said, “he believes in the redistribution of power, so if he can keep these blacks angry and under his control by stroking them, they’re going to bring the chaos. And once the chaos comes, then Barack Obama, as he said in his speech, he can federalize the police departments around the country so that he can redistribute the power and wealth. That’s what this is all about. He is pulling their strings by stroking their egos and making the feel good about being wrong for his own personal gain.”

And he would have gotten away with it too…

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