The Levitical Argument Against Marriage Equality

The Levitical Argument Against Marriage Equality May 2, 2015

Some of the arguments made against marriage equality in the amicus briefs filed with the Supreme Court in the marriage cases they heard this week were appalling and idiotic, but at least none of them advocating the Levitical argument against it like a Georgia pastor did.

The Ten Commandments Church in Milledgeville is known for its hateful messages about homosexuality, but neighbors said the church’s latest sign had crossed a clear boundary, reported WGXA-TV.

The roadside sign informs passersby that “homosexuality is a death worthy crime,” citing Leviticus 20:13…

Pastor Robert Lee, who has previously described gays and lesbians as “disgraces to humanity” on his church sign, said he was merely quoting scripture.

“Homosexuality is an abomination, and the Bible says that homosexuality is a death worthy crime,” Lee said…

“The institution of marriage was instituted by God and it should not be changed by people who deserve not to live,” Lee said.

We’ll call this the Roy Moore argument. Moore has actually quotes that verse in at least one court ruling, in a case that didn’t involve marriage at all. It was a custody case where the mother was lesbian, which was not an issue in the case in any way.

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