Armed Wingnuts Read for War Based on Rumor

Armed Wingnuts Read for War Based on Rumor May 4, 2015

With nowhere near as much media attention, we have Bundy Ranch 2: Electric Boogaloo going on in Southern Oregon, where a mining company asked militia types to come and help them fight off the Bureau of Land Management in a dispute over their need to file an operations plan. And it doesn’t take much for those armed assholes to get all jumpy:

Militia groups from multiple states and members of scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy’s family have also joined the group camped near Merlin.

The gold mining claim’s owners, George Backes and Rick Barclay, said the government is violating their rights by ordering them to file a plan of operations or remove their equipment.

The Oath Keepers issued a coded call to arms Thursday after rumors circulated on Facebook that federal agents planned to raid the mining claim or the militia camp after helicopters were spotted nearby.

The group – which claims to be made up of military and law enforcement personnel who vowed not to obey laws they believe to be unconstitutional – urged members to arm themselves and come immediately to the staging area.

A local Oath Keepers leader determined that BLM “troops” were not arriving and ordered his group to “stand down,” said Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel.

These people are just aching to let the bullets fly. They have themselves so worked up into a lather over “tyranny,” with the only narrative in their head one that casts them as the brave heroes standing up to the government’s jackbooted thugs, that it would be a disappointment to them if it didn’t happen. They are identical in this regard to white supremacist groups who are constantly preaching about the imminent “race war.” They aren’t just predicting it, they’re spoiling for it. And they’re on a hair trigger.

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