Beck: It’s the ‘Time of My Calling’

Beck: It’s the ‘Time of My Calling’ May 4, 2015

Glenn Beck routinely careens from tear-stained laments of overwhelming sadness about the state of the world to fervent hope and belief that everything is going to be fine to self-aggrandizing declarations that he is truly on a mission from God. This bizarre statement seems to be of the third type:

“I would beg for your prayers,” he said. “I’m entering now the time of my calling, what I have to do as a man. I don’t know what to do, I just know it’s coming and I beg you for your prayers. I beg you for your prayers because I will pray for you and you please pray for me, because this is the time. This comes every 70 years, there is a time when giants are made. And I don’t know if they’ll ever remember any of our names. What I know is at some point, I am going to be standing in front of God himself and I demand of myself that he says ‘job well done.'”

I don’t think this guy can order lunch at Arby’s without being absurdly melodramatic. It’s like really bad community theater.

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