IOTC: God Will Destroy….Oh, Blah Blah Blah

IOTC: God Will Destroy….Oh, Blah Blah Blah May 4, 2015

Jake MacAulay used to be Robin to Bradlee Dean’s Batman, but like most of Dean’s staff he bolted last year. Now he works for the Christian Reconstructionist group the Institute on the Constitution, which means he’s saying the same staggeringly stupid things, but in another place.

Now to attempt to change that which is eternal and forever fixed by the Creator is to do nothing less than make the claim that you are God. This is very wrong and very dangerous, and the Supreme Court of these United States is now considering taking this very same dangerous step.

While there are many conclusions that can be drawn as we witness this cultural degradation, one comes most immediately to my mind. When a culture discards the Word of God as the standard for what is right and what is wrong, and relegates these determinations to fallen men, the results are as predictable as they are terrible.

In the time of the founding of America, when a Biblical worldview was predominant in the American people, this connection between following the commandments and peaceable existence was clearly known, easily understood and evidentially experienced in the American culture. Undoubtedly, living prosperously by living righteously is what Jefferson meant when he used the phrase “pursuit of happiness”.

Psalm Two warns that when the judges and the rulers of the earth throw off God’s law and take it upon themselves to make their own rules for right and wrong, they will be dashed to pieces like a rod of iron striking a clay pot.

Regrettably we seem to be setting ourselves up for this very lesson. Unless our government officials start obeying God and stop “playing god,” this is a lesson we will experience fully.

Back in the “time of the founding of America”? You mean when the Constitution was written and explicitly protected the right to worship other gods? The Bible clearly prohibits doing so. It also prohibits being gay. So why is the latter an example of “throwing off God’s law and taking it upon our selves to make our own rules for right and wrong,” but not the former? This is an especially impossible question for a Christian Reconstructionist to answer because they believe that the entire Mosaic law should be enforced by the state. So why didn’t God dash us to pieces then? Or over the thousand other things that we allow people to do that are forbidden by the Bible?

There is no answer to those questions without a huge contradiction in their position. At least Gary North, also a Reconstructionist, is consistent. He slams the entire idea that America was founded on a “Biblical worldview.” In fact, he argues that there was a “conspiracy in Philadelphia” to destroy the Christian basis for government.

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