Megachurch Pastor Marries for Third Time

Megachurch Pastor Marries for Third Time May 4, 2015

When last we took any notice of Paula White, the megachurch preacher from Florida, she was divorcing her husband Randy, her co-pastor. Now she’s married for a third time and her new husband is Jonathan Cain, the keyboard player for the band Journey. Charisma News leaves a few things out of their announcement:

Paula White just got married to New Zealand rocker Jonathan Cain. He is perhaps best known for his days with the band Journey and Bad English. He sang the classic Journey ballad “Faithfully” and was part of over a dozen other Journey albums.

“What a weekend—Blessed beyond description,” she tweeted.

White, a controversial pastor was divorced from her last husband, Randy White, in 2007. White married her first husband, Dean Knight, when she was a teenager. Together, they had a son named Bradley. She divorced Knight after she got saved.

Okay, a few things. First, Cain did not sing Faithfully, Steve Perry did. I believe Cain did write the song, however. Second, why isn’t a major evangelical Christian magazine not calling White out for divorcing (twice), something the Bible strictly forbids? Or for being a pastor in the place, something the Bible also clearly forbids?

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  • blf

    So what is the bridal price for getting rid of someone (third time lucky?) with their own tithing sheepbase?

  • wreck

    I hear Cindy Jacobs and her bottomless pasta bowl did the catering.

  • mkoormtbaalt

    Yeah, but that stuff in the Bible is just parables and stuff. No one was ever meant to take the things about divorce and woman-preachers seriously. I know because I spoke to God and he told me. /s

  • dingojack

    Paula – your newest husband is a Kiwi. Keep him well away from flock!

    😉 Dingo

  • She divorced Knight after she got saved.

    See? The minute she became a fundamentalist she stopped knowing what the Bible says.

  • Johnny Vector

    Well unlike Steve Perry, at least Jonathan Cain doesn’t sound like a duck on helium.

  • eric

    why isn’t a major evangelical Christian magazine not calling White out for divorcing (twice), something the Bible strictly forbids?

    Because they are protestant? Yes, I know, they’re textually inconsistent in ignoring some rules and adhering to others. However there’s a couple of centuries of historical consistency in protestant sects accepting divorce as okay.

  • seashell

    Roy Zimmerman’s Defenders of Marriage covers this quite nicely

    “It’s the Lord’s holy word, as my second wife said to my third

    That a family’s based on obligation and fear

    We’re —

    Defenders of marriage

    Connubial narcs

    Ever vigilant and patriotic patriarchs

    Defenders of marriage

    Defending the institution against people who want to get married”

  • I thought infidelity was still considered justification for divorce. When you look at the behavior of so many male pastors…….

  • hrafn

    Charisma News appears to have their Jonathan Cains garbled. The Jonathan Cain who played for Journey is an American. The Jonathan Cain who is a New Zealander played cricket. Two completely different guys. White married the former, as Ed noted.

  • sugarfrosted

    Yet another reason to hate Journey. Like I needed another reason, seriously fuck that awful band. “Don’t Stop Believing” isn’t rock ‘n’ roll, it’s literally Hitler.

    (Sorry for the derail, I just seriously hate Journey.)

    Also, I guess she stopped believin’ in the sanctity of her marriage!… I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out.

  • #10: Right wing Xian media never lets facts get in the way of their stories.

  • dingojack

    hrafn -. you know: Jonathan Cain, you may recognise his first wife from nineties sexploitation films such as Heaving Petting Detective, Lap Dancing and Married People, Single Sex 2: For Better or Worse… [/ Troy McClure]

    😉 Dingo

  • Like his new wife this is Cain’s third marriage. That probably makes it an extra nono in someone’s version of Christianity.

  • martinc

    The comments on the link are interesting. The religious are actually taking the line that Ed suggested: pointing out that this is her third marriage. One or two of the more evolved have even mentioned the hypocrisy of Christians opposing same-sex marriage while they are equally unbiblical re divorce and remarriage. However there are also some who think her being a pastor at all is wrong because that’s also unbiblical. Someone called her ‘Preacher Barbie’, which is quite funny. And then there are the simple nutballs, who never get called out at all. Someone described their conversation with God about Pastor Paula where God informed him that he was planning to do something about her. This was met with casual acceptance by others; as if he’d said he read it in the newspaper.

    I note the site quietly fixes reported errors. The line Ed reported as “He sang the classic Journey ballad ‘Faithfully’ and was part of over a dozen other Journey albums” now says “He wrote the classic Journey song ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and was part of over a dozen other Journey albums.” Still has him from New Zealand though; which seems to be a simple mistaken identity with the New Zealand cricketer of the same name.

    PS. Aussies may enjoy the knowledge that Jonathan Cain is the writer of Jimmy Barnes’ “Working Class Man”.

  • dan4

    “…a pastor in the place,…” Huh?