Gohmert’s Incoherent Response to Hillary’s Incarceration Comments

Gohmert’s Incoherent Response to Hillary’s Incarceration Comments May 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton recently said that the country needs to end the mass incarceration system that has developed since the 1970s, a rare stand for a politician from either party. Louis Gohmert, the dumbest man in Congress, gave a thoroughly incoherent response to those comments:

“If you look at [Bill Clinton’s] policies, tough on crime, he was absolutely for traditional biblical-type marriage,” Gohmert told Fox News guest host Ed Henry. “And so she supported those back then and she’s changed. One thing that is similar, after her husband would victimize women, she would victimize them. And here again now, she’s still victimizing victims of crime.”

When it came to non-violent drug offenders, Gohmert argued that it was a “real shame” that Democrats would not want them to be incarcerated.

“Because we go through these waves,” he explained. “As a former judge who’s tried every kind of felony there is, we see this. We see these waves. For a while we’re going to feel sorry for the criminals, and then crime increases and increases. And then we have a crackdown and we’re going to be tough on crime, and then crime goes down for a while. And we’re at that wave where crime has gone down.”

As a former judge, Gohmert is a moron. Crime has, in fact, been going down steadily for about 25 years now, yet the number of people in prison has gone up dramatically. The reason is obvious: The war on drugs, which needs to be ended completely. But Gohmert, true to form, has only platitudes and simpleminded policies to offer. “Lock them all up!” scream the authoritarian halfwits. The United States has 25% of all people imprisoned in the entire world, for crying out loud.

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