Robert Oscar Lopez Is a Bitter, Bitter Man

Robert Oscar Lopez Is a Bitter, Bitter Man May 5, 2015

Robert Oscar Lopez is a very unusual anti-gay bigot. He confesses to being bisexual himself (though I imagine God has helped him suppress one side of that) and he was raised by lesbian parents. And holy shit, is he bitter about that. I mean really, really bitter. Just read this column.

COLAGE’s and PFLAG’s poster children are well-spoken and probably good-hearted people. Bless them. But if you read John Okada’s No-No Boy, you will find that most Japanese-Americans whose families were interned opted to serve in the United States military. These happy Japanese-Americans were actually exceedingly harsh, even cruel, to the Japanese-Americans who defied the government and tried to resist internment. There are always some people – often a seeming majority – among an aggrieved group who say they have no grievances; they usually say the complainers are crazy, bitter, wrong, or un-American.

In 2030, you won’t have to worry about PFLAG’s wunderkinder. It’s the others you will have to worry about, because there will be a lot of them, and like the Japanese-Americans who came around to contesting what Roosevelt did to them, they will be organized and demanding to be repaid for what was taken from them: gender diversity, gender equality at home, their heritage, their legacy, their identity.

Reparations for the children of gay people? Seriously? Look, maybe his parents were horrible at it. Maybe they were absolutely terrible parents (gay people can be just as horrible as straight people, of course). But Lopez does not use the millions and millions of abusive or neglectful straight parents as a reason to bash straight parents. Bitter, party of one. Your table is ready.

Whatever the numbers of kids being raised in gay homes might be right now, with the rise of gay marriage, there was a rise in kids being raised by gay couples. Those responsible for gay marriage will be responsible for thousands upon thousands of individual children who would not have been raised by same-sex couples were it not for actions taken by the government.

Uh, why? We aren’t going to be taking kids away from straight couples and giving them to gay couples. Gay couples will be more likely to be allowed to adopt children, but that’s a good thing and it would only deprive those children of being moved from foster home to foster home. We have tens of thousands of children waiting to be adopted in this country. This is just a bizarre claim.

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