Ted Shoebat Loves the ‘Catholic Warrior’

Ted Shoebat Loves the ‘Catholic Warrior’ May 5, 2015

Suzan Hemeryck, the self-declared “Catholic warrior” who destroyed the display put up by the Satanic Temple at the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee, is now trying to raise money to help her really take the fight to Satan. And she’s found a supporter in Theodore Shoebat, the deranged bigot who wants to “slaughter” all the gay people.

The title of Shoebat’s post is rather amusing: “Christians Must Commit Civil Disobedience And Defy Anti-Christian Laws To Defeat The Islamic And Satanic Takeover Of The Country, Before Christian Persecution Hits The US.” Yes, we must stop the Islamic takeover of the country because they’ll do things like slaughter gay people and prevent atheists, Satanists and everyone else from having the right to speak out. Hey wait, that’s what Shoebat wants. Hmmm. Methinks the theocrat protests too much.

In Florida the government took out a Nativity scene and in its place put a satanic idol from some satanic cult that praised the devil.

That would be a lie. They did not take out the nativity scene, they just allowed other groups to put up their own displays along with it. You know, like the law requires them to do.

No one did anything about it, except one tenacious Christian woman named Suzan Hemeryck. She is a true Christian militant who is willing to put everything on the line for Jesus Christ. She did not stand to watch our Lord be mocked. She opened her Bible, and the first passage that met her eyes was the story of Christ taking up a whip and driving out the thieves who prostituted His Father’s Temple. It was at this moment that she knew what to do. She went to the idol, and as Gideon defied the Midianites by toppling the altar of Baal, Suzan took down the satanic idol.

She was arrested and put in jail for several hours. After her release she was flooded with malicious and vindictive emails and messages from devil worshippers. Her name was all over the media, and she received the scorn of even supposed Christians (Shoebat.com praised her actions as courageous). On top of this, it only got worse: she was fired from her job and her landlady kicked her out of the property she was renting.

This is a woman who has been persecuted in America!

No, this is a woman who committed a crime and didn’t even get charged for doing so. Forget persecution, she should have been prosecuted. The only reason she wasn’t is because of Christian privilege.

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