Judge Dismisses Evidence in Illegal Gambling Case

Judge Dismisses Evidence in Illegal Gambling Case May 6, 2015

I wrote many months ago about a case in Las Vegas, where FBI agents killed the wifi to a villa at Caesar’s Palace, then dressed up as computer technicians to gain access to and gather evidence in an investigation of illegal gambling by a wealthy Malaysian man. A judge has now ruled that evidence inadmissible.

Wealthy Malaysian businessman Paul Phua is currently fighting charges related to illegal sports gambling on last year’s World Cup. He allegedly operated the lucrative online gambling operation out of a villa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Phua, along with several other individuals, was arrested last summer.

Authorities posed as computer repairmen to gather evidence against Phua.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon upheld a different judge’s decision to have the evidence against Phua tossed out. The case against him remains in doubt since the evidence can’t be included in the trial, which is still scheduled to begin on June 1.

The behavior of the FBI here is appalling but hardly surprising. They’ll do anything to get around the 4th Amendment, but this time a judge isn’t letting them get away with it. Their actions were blatantly illegal.

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