The Latest Wingnut GoFundMe Account

The Latest Wingnut GoFundMe Account May 6, 2015

It seems the Christian right is just loving GoFundMe. The latest one to put up a fundraiser on the site is Susan Hemeryck, the woman who tore down a Satanic display at the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee. She wants people to give her lots of money so she can continue to fight Satan:

My name is Susan Hemeryck, and I was arrested in Tallahassee, Florida on December 23, 2014 for standing against Satan when he tried to stake his claim on Christmas and in our State Capitol. His followers, members of The Satanic Temple, attacked Christianity and desecrated our holy celebration of Christ’s birth by placing a “grossly offensive” satanic display in the same spot where the Nativity had been removed just hours earlier. Children coming to the Capitol on Christmas Eve hoping see baby Jesus saw only Satan instead. The Satanic Temple is also trying to place satanic books in Florida public schools and a life-size statue of Satan in Oklahoma.

The charges against me were dropped, but the Satanists are threatening retaliation for next Christmas, and they are also moving forward with their agenda to entrench Satan in America’s government halls and in our public schools. This is a hate group, whose actions can be compared to the Nazis displaying a swastika at Hanukkah, or the KKK erecting a burning cross on Martin Luther King day.

The public expression of our Judeo-Christian faith is part of our American heritage, because it is upon these principles that America and her Constitution were founded. Not only is it wrong for an atheistic and/or satanic minority to attempt to impose its values upon the faithful majority, it is deadly dangerous for us to allow Satan a place in our public square. Our nation is already walking in darkness; once we let Satan in, unopposed, we will not be able to shut the door against the evil which follows. This is a line we cannot cross. NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!

I lost my home and my job because I took a stand against this evil, and I need a little help with personal living expenses. I also have a wonderful attorney, Michael Bauer, who has stood by me through all of this, and we need your help in taking the next step in our efforts to legally keep Satan out of our Capitols and out of our schools. Won’t you please help us to stand firm and hold the line against Satan? By the grace of God, and with your prayers and support, let’s cast Satan out of America and back where he belongs!

She’s raised almost $3000 in a week. Speaks volumes about this country, don’t you think?

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