You Say You Want a Revolution…

You Say You Want a Revolution… May 6, 2015

I was just on the phone with a buddy and we were talking about how much we’re enjoying watching the Christian right turn the rhetoric up to 11 as the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling draws closer. They’re soaring to new heights of hyperbole and paranoia and I’m just smiling ear to ear every day over. Matt Barber says that a revolution is at hand!

“Same-sex marriage and the free exercise of religion, particularly biblical Christianity, cannot coexist in harmony,” Barber warned, saying that Christians are already being “forced to call evil good and good evil.”

Reading from the Religious Right pledge to defy any Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, Barber warned that such a ruling will “bring about an inevitable collision with religious freedom and conscience rights. The precedent established will leave no room for any limitation on what can constitute such a redefined notion of marriage or human sexuality. We cannot and will not allow this to occur on our watch.”

“We were hearing a lot of talk about revolution,” he stated, “well, revolution is at hand.”

No it isn’t. An advance for equality is at hand and that always provokes talk of revolution and the death of society from the opponents of equality. They’re always wrong, of course, like they’re wrong about virtually everything.

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