Keyes: What If We All Become Gay?

Keyes: What If We All Become Gay? May 7, 2015

Alan Keyes was one of the bigots who spoke at that National Press Club press conference a couple weeks ago and he delivered his usual incoherence. He says that if you’re concerned about climate change, you should really be upset about gay marriage because…what happens if we all turned gay?

He explained that “if we all woke up tomorrow morning and decided that our sexual preference is homosexual” and “we shall have nothing to do with the opposite sex,” then we would turn to scientists to meddle with DNA in an effort to carry on the species, which would ultimately lead to human extinction.

“Our friends in the ‘global climatological change movement’ or whatever they’re calling it these days” should oppose gay rights, he said, because “they want us to understand that there’s a common good, not just of all humanity but of all creation and if we do something to damage all creation, we’ve done something that’s just intolerable.”

Does that really strike you as a plausible element, Alan? If it does, then you’re a fucking moron. And if it doesn’t, you’re deliberately making idiotic arguments to convince other fucking morons.

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