Rios: The Muslims are Coming, the Muslims are Coming!

Rios: The Muslims are Coming, the Muslims are Coming! May 7, 2015

In the wake of the horrible attack on a “Draw Muhammad” event in Texas the other day, Sandy Rios of the American Family Association says that Muslims are “colonizing” the United States, especially Texas and Tennessee. Because yeah, I’m sure they’re just on the verge of taking over Texas, don’t you?

While chatting about the incident with a listener who lives in Garland, Rios warned that “there has been a real strategic colonization of Muslims around the country.”

“They’ve targeted, like, Tennessee, Texas, places that are strong bastions of conservatism and opposition and there have been some intentional stuff going on here,” Rios said. “The whole mode of jihad is to move in and multiply and gradually overtake.” Rios added that while she would “never mistreat” a Muslim neighbor, she would find it “hard to be gracious” since she knows that they are only moving to her community to wage jihad and she “recognizes what the end game is.”

And they would have gotten away with it too, but Sandy Rios and Pam Geller are just too smart for them! This is absolutely standard right-wing rhetoric, appealing directly to the dominant psychology of conservatives, a massive fear and distrust of outsiders.

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