The Spaghetti Prophet Speaks!

The Spaghetti Prophet Speaks! May 7, 2015

Our old friend Cindy Jacobs, the self-declared prophet of God with the bottomless bowl of spaghetti, has spoken with the Lord and he has provided her with a prophetic vision of where the country is headed. Terrible things, people, terrible things — unless, of course, they are “lessened through the prayers of the saints.” That’s a convenient out.

It doesn’t take a prophet to know that our nation is at a significant crossroads.

With so many voices swirling around and the news full of its own forecasts and predictions, what is the Holy Spirit saying to His people above the fray and noise? Since 1999, a group of respected prophets called the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders has met annually to ask this very question of the Lord.

For several years, the news was not good. Words from before 2008 were that, depending upon what happened in the next elections, America was on the brink of losing a measure of greatness in the world as a leader. Almost a year before the 2008 economic shaking, we knew that there would be “no more business as usual.”

Then, before the 2012 elections, we heard some good news—that God was going to give us a chance to regain what was lost.

In the years since then, the prophetic words have spoken both warnings about more coming shakings and promises of the spiritual renewal God wants to bring to our nation.

We received warnings of potential terrorist attacks, which were realized with the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, as well as warnings about racial tensions escalating and cities burning from riots, which also proved accurate over the past year.

At the same time, the Holy Spirit revealed that we are on the verge of another Great Awakening and Jesus People movement. We are in a season of contrasts; in other words, the light will be very light and the dark very dark.

So what is God speaking right now about the future of the nation?

We know that more shakings are coming, and we have also heard that there are more terrorist “sleeper cells” spreading out across the nation. Economically, there are some turbulent times ahead, although they can be lessened through the prayers of the saints.

Women will determine the next election, and Asians will be the swing vote. The states will polarize on an even greater level, and some will threaten to break with the union if their state constitutions are violated.

Pastors will be increasingly pressured by out-of-control courts to preach only part of the Word; some will stand before the courts of the nation as a result. However, this will wake up the church to her finest days as she finds her voice in the governmental arena once again.

Threats from all types of radical extremist groups will be posed against Christian leaders, resulting in a shifting and sifting of hearts as some will compromise to avoid persecution.

Those who do not compromise, though, will find their churches aflame with the power of the Holy Spirit as the new “not ashamed” generation of millennials takes the field.

Colleges and universities will experience major moves of God. Even now, we are in the beginning stages of the next Great Awakening. Prayer is being mobilized on college campuses, and young revivalists are preaching across the land.

God does not reveal these things to cause us fear or discouragement; rather, He invites us to partner with Him as He fulfills His purpose for our nation. Let the warnings move you to pray, and let the promises move you to hope.

I just want to know if the bottomless spaghetti bowl also comes with unlimited salad and breadsticks. That way at least God will have as much “miracle” power as an Olive Garden shift manager.

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