Wingnut: Gay Marriage Ruling Will Spark Second Civil War

Wingnut: Gay Marriage Ruling Will Spark Second Civil War May 8, 2015

Timothy Buchanan, whose primary claim to fame is having written a book called The Boobonic Plague, has a column at BarbWire arguing that if the Supreme Court does overturn state bans on same-sex marriage, it will lead to a second Civil War in the United States. But he begins by showing his ignorance about the Supreme Court:

Very little of the actual proceedings are made public. Only audio and/or video recordings that the justices approve are released. It’s an interesting process that the U.S. Supreme Court follows.

But not interesting enough for him to actually bother understanding it. All of the oral arguments are made public, both in audio and transcript form, within a few hours after they take place. The justices do not have to approve them. And video is never, ever released because cameras of any kind are banned from the court’s chambers. Apparently Buchanan’s computer doesn’t work with that newfangled Google thingy.

Because the United States is so deeply divided over moral and legal fundamentals, it would be difficult to see how the wrong decision here will not result in a second American civil war. A ruling by the Supreme Court to overturn bans on same-sex “marriage” that have been properly enacted by the states will be correctly viewed by Christians as an openly belligerent affront to religious liberty, the consequences of which, may be dire.

This case could well be the fuse that ignites the powder keg of outrage that leads the nation into the first battle of a new war. Our future as a nation and indeed, whether we have one, may well depend upon how the Supreme Court decides this case.

It would be utter foolishness for the Homo-fascists, the Lawless Left and their media mouthpieces to mistake the kindness and peacefulness of the Right as submission or weakness.

Oh yes, that legendary kindness and peacefulness of the right — legendary in the sense that it doesn’t actually exist. And despite their fantasies, there isn’t going to be any civil war fought over this. The bigots will rage for a while and then the whole issue will fade away because it changes nothing at all for anyone who isn’t gay.

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