Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Coach Dave Against Other Leaders

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Coach Dave Against Other Leaders May 8, 2015

It’s always fun watching Christian right leaders disagree with and attack one another, but “Coach” Dave Daubenmire is really going after the long list of wingnut leaders who say they’re willing to go to prison or even to jail if the Supreme Court rules for same-sex marriage. He scoffs at this and calls them dishonest cowards:

In 2011, Focus on the Family (FOTF) took in nearly $95 million. They have assets of over $54 million. The American Family Association took in another $20 million, while having property valued at $27 million. Family Research Council (FRC) swallowed up nearly $14 million, and has holdings worth another $4.2 million. There are literally dozens of organizations that are raking in donations ‘fighting’ evil. To put it succinctly, the “pro-family” movement is rolling in dough. Fighting on their “team” can be very lucrative…

So now, they say it is time to disobey. WE WILL NOT OBEY! I hear them bombasting in regard to their anticipated defeat in the Supreme Court’s homo-marriage decision. Really? They are going to go to jail? James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Matt Staver, Franklin Graham, Jerry Johnson, Rick Santorum, Keith Fornier, Rick Scarborough—they’re willing to go to jail? REALLY?

So, if I understand these Christian leaders correctly, there IS a time to disobey government. The question then becomes not IF, but WHEN.

Jesus went to jail. Peter went to jail. Paul practically lived in jail. Dr. King went to jail. Today’s Christian leaders go to fundraisers.

Why aren’t these Christian ‘leaders’ ALREADY in jail? Isn’t the slaughter of 60 million babies worthy of a month or two in the slammer? Shouldn’t the indoctrination of God’s children in the sin of sodomy in America’s “public” schools be enough to warrant a trip in the paddy wagon? You would think that opposition to an out of control, tyrannical government would be enough to have them already wearing orange jump suits. WE WILL NOT OBEY! Yeah, right…

While these “pro-family” leaders have been living in luxury and attending meetings with the ‘kings’ in Washington, many of my friends are miles ahead of these fellows. I have friends who have been arrested hundreds of times and have spent months in jail in defense of their unborn brothers and sisters. Jail is nothing new to those who truly defy anti-god edicts. Funny, it was some of the same folks who now claim that they ‘WILL NOT OBEY’ who actually criticized my friends for defying a government that says that pre-born baby-murder is legal…

The time to stand up is NOW!! The time to go to jail is NOW!! The time for godly obedience is NOW!!

He’s right, of course. Those people just love to declare their willingness to be persecuted and martyred, but that’s an easy thing to do when there’s no actual threat of those things. Striking a pose is far easier than actually carrying it out. Then again, one might ask why Daubenmire isn’t in jail given his statements here. I guess he’s a coward too, borrowing the reflected glory from his unnamed friends.

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