Rafael Cruz Willing to Die Over Paranoid Bullshit

Rafael Cruz Willing to Die Over Paranoid Bullshit May 9, 2015

We can see where Ted Cruz got his penchant for substance-free fear-mongering. His father, Rafael, says that gay marriage is part of a plot to destroy America and that he’s willing to die before allowing something that can’t happen actually does.

While boasting that his son, Ted Cruz, has introduced two measures in the U.S. Senate to block a Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, Cruz told the audience that “we are going to have to stand firm on the agenda to destroy America.”

“I lost my freedom once, I’m not willing to lose it again. I will die fighting before I lose it again and so should you,” he added.

Cruz said that America is experiencing “a lot of persecution against Christians” and predicted that if the Supreme Court rules to “legalize homosexual marriage…the next thing that is going to come is the government coming to your church and saying ‘you must hire a homosexual pastor, you must perform homosexual marriages.’ We are going to come to a crossroads in America. We’re going to have to decide whether we obey God or we obey government if that’s what’s coming. This is about religious persecution.”

That is so incredibly brave of you, Mr. Cruz. You’re willing to die for something that has no chance whatsoever of happening. We don’t require any church to hire any pastor for any reason, nor do we require them to perform any wedding at all if they object to it for any reason at all. There’s this thing called the 1st Amendment that prevents it, along with two centuries of court rulings on the ministerial exception and statutory law as well. This is not about persecution, it’s about selling fear to the masses for financial and political gain.

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