Another Teacher Burns Student With Tesla Coil

Another Teacher Burns Student With Tesla Coil May 10, 2015

It seems John Freshwater is not the only teacher who thinks it’s okay to use a Tesla coil to burn things into their students’ arms. A science teacher in Salem, Oregon did the same thing to more than one student and was actually arrested for it, though it hasn’t been decided whether there will be files charged.

An Oregon science teacher has been accused of causing electrical burns on the hands and arms of several students in connection with an in-class demonstration last week.

Samuel Dufner, 37, was arrested Tuesday on two counts of criminal mistreatment. He teaches science, including physical and marine science at South Salem High School in Salem.

Dufner was taken to the Marion County jail, where he posted $2,000 bail. He has been placed on administrative leave by the Salem-Keizer School District.

Marion County District Attorney Walt Beglau said Wednesday that his office did not immediately file paperwork to arraign Dufner, and that an arraignment had not been scheduled as of Wednesday afternoon. An arraignment is a court proceeding in which an accused person is formally charged with crimes before a judge.

Beglau said it was incorrect to say that charges against Dufner had been dropped, and that the DA’s office was still gathering evidence.

How does a science teacher not know this is horrible? It isn’t enough to say that the students volunteered, this should never happen. I don’t know if criminal charges are warranted, but the parents certainly have cause to sue. And he certainly ought to be fired.

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