Georgia City Caves on Christian Flag Flying

Georgia City Caves on Christian Flag Flying May 11, 2015

Remember the small town in Georgia that recently voted to fly the Christian flag at city hall? They’ve now reconsidered after facing the threat of a lawsuit that multiple constitutional law experts have told them they have zero chance of winning.

A traditional Christian flag flying over Cochran will come down Friday after city officials bowed last week to threats of legal action and concerns over its impact on the city’s “fiscal resources.”…

The group in part cited a recent legal case in which a North Carolina city agreed to stop displaying the Christian flag, which includes a Latin cross, at a government-sponsored veterans memorial.

In a statement on its website, the city said it has decided to take the flag down “after reviewing further input from the community, detailed written legal opinions from our city attorney and a second legal opinion from a constitutional lawyer.” The city said that in the future it will only fly the U.S. and state flags at City Hall.

They had already ignored the advice of their own city attorney, who told them that it was unconstitutional, but apparently they realized that if they get sued and lose, they’ll have to pay the legal fees of the plaintiffs as well. I’m sure they’ll be looking for some other means of pissing on their territory, though.

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