Your Daily Dose of Hyper-Nationalistic Bullshit

Your Daily Dose of Hyper-Nationalistic Bullshit May 11, 2015

I saw this meme on Facebook and it just irritated the shit out of me. It’s pure emotional blackmail, which is what this kind of empty nationalism always is. And it’s using a disabled soldier to make a political point, when that political point is flatly wrong.


First of all, it’s just false. That soldier did not lose his legs defending the right not to say the pledge of allegiance. There is no war we have fought since at least WW2 where the declared enemy posed even the most remote threat to the United States at all, much less to our freedom. In fact, the only possible threat to our freedom is the government that sent that soldier off to lose his legs fighting an enemy that was no threat to use whatsoever.

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