Rand Paul’s Irrelevant Response to Texas Shootings

Rand Paul’s Irrelevant Response to Texas Shootings May 12, 2015

In the wake of the attack on a Draw Muhammad event in Garland, Texas, Republicans are offering all kinds of blame (it’s Obama’s fault, of course) and all manner of solutions (vague ones that they already supported, of course). But Rand Paul misses the mark completely:

Paul, May 5: Absolutely, it’s terrorism. I think it’s an example of how we do need to secure our border. I’m not sure where they came from but we do need to secure our southern border.

Van Susteren: They’re Americans.

Paul: We still need to secure our southern border. The other thing I would say, though, is we also need to secure who visits us in the country. And apparently, one of them had already been investigated over time. Maybe those who have been investigated need to be followed a little more closely.

Both men were born and raised in this country. This is perhaps the George W. Bush habit applied to domestic policy. We were attacked by Saudis? We better invade Iraq. Two born-and-raised Americans acted violently? We better close off the borders. NASA spend money on something you didn’t like? Better cut the budget of the Department of Agriculture. Genius.

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