The American College of Pediatricians Objects to Researching AIDS Vaccine

The American College of Pediatricians Objects to Researching AIDS Vaccine May 12, 2015

The American College of Pediatricians is the right-wing alternative to the American Academy of Pediatricians. They split off because the AAC was insufficiently bigoted for them. The president of the ACP, Dean Trumbull, went on a Christian radio show last week and actually objected to working to find a vaccine for HIV.

A caller who identified herself as a nurse asked Trumbull to comment on the high incidence of HIV among gay men, which she said revealed that “exposure is there in the lifestyle.”

“It’s that population in which AIDS is unfortunately and sadly thriving,” Trumbull responded. “And yet the push is more to find a vaccine, to use condoms, to — but I truly believe that when we are practicing a sexual act that goes against our natural design, it’s going to be very harmful to us emotionally, physically and, in the situation with AIDS, even infectious consequences will occur.”

Yeah, what are we thinking, trying to find a vaccine that would prevent a disease that is still incredibly deadly in much of the world? And in Africa, where it rages the worst, it’s spread almost entirely by heterosexuals. But since this involves people having sex in a manner that Trumbull’s god allegedly disapproves of, he thinks it should be treated totally differently from other diseases and that the proper treatment is to tell people not to be gay, not to prevent and treat the medical condition he associates with it.

“We have been accused of being homophobic or insensitive to those with same-sex tendencies,” he said, “and we do not want to be perceived as that, because what we want is what’s best for children, that’s our motto. So what about the homosexual teen or the same-sex attracted teen or whatnot? We would encourage them to not be involved in the homosexual sexual lifestyle, because that lifestyle is without a doubt medically, emotionally, physically harmful.”

“And what about clubs within high schools or junior highs that seek to validate these mixed emotions that a teenager may naturally flow through?” he added. “Shouldn’t any child, any middle-school child who has some feelings, ‘maybe I do have some attraction to the same sex,’ should they be validated, brought into an LGBT club, and that label will be placed upon them? Well, no, because the lifestyle that they thereafter will enter is a very unhealthy and harmful lifestyle.”

Gee, why didn’t I think about that? “Hey, you shouldn’t be gay.” That oughta do it. HIV is sure to disappear now, along with The Gay.

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