The Taste of Gina Miller’s Tears

The Taste of Gina Miller’s Tears May 12, 2015

I wonder if the Christian bigots freaking out over the legalization of same-sex marriage know how much absolute joy they are bringing me with their hysterical overreactions and hyperbolic predictions of doom? This passage from BarbWire editor Gina Miller leaves me downright giddy:

Are we truly watching a perfect storm of tyrannical darkness conquer the United States? Have we finally been defeated by the ever-patient, ever-evil, embedded communists, who’ve had their wicked designs on our nation for at least a hundred years? Is our culture so rotten to the core that it can never return to virtue and right? Are America’s younger generations lost to Godless, communist indoctrination and ideology, which includes radical environmental lunacy and the eager embrace of militant homosexualism and the destruction of marriage and family? Is there no way to purge the systemic immorality and corruption that infects all our major institutions, our federal, state and local governments, our schools, the media and entertainment industries and corporations? Is it even possible for this wayward nation to return to the founding principles and limitations on the central government outlined in the Constitution? Is tyranny inevitable?

Forgive my pessimism. I’ve been scolded for it by optimists who are certain the Lord will cause a massive Christian revival across the land, and also by those who believe that because there’s a gun behind every blade of grass in the U.S., the commies will never be able to conquer us. Are these realistic positions? I’ve heard it said that if only the Jews had all been armed and had fought back when the Nazis came to their homes, then the Holocaust would have been stopped in its tracks. Is this true? If—for instance—Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” is sent out to round up those America-loving patriots whom Obama so despises, and those patriots attempt to resist the aggressors with deadly force, what will happen? Does anyone truly believe that in this age of advanced weaponry in the hands of the State, coupled with its mighty, militaristic police power, that we stand a chance against it?

Allow me to answer your questions, Gina: Yes, you’ve been defeated. Not by communists or Nazis, of course, but by the slow but steady advance of human rights and civil rights that eventually wins out over bigotry and theocracy in every struggle in this country. Your ideological forebears, who shouted the same howls of outrage and made the same idiotic prediction that past struggles would bring about the death of the country, said the exact same thing about ending slavery, allowing women to vote, desegregating schools, passing the Civil Rights Act and much more.

The right wing is always stuck in the same loop, repeating the same slogans and lurid tales of impending doom in every instance where their bigotry and desire to control others has been challenged. The rhetoric never changes. And none of those dystopic predictions ever come true. Never.

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