A New Atheist Gathering Over the 4th of July

A New Atheist Gathering Over the 4th of July May 13, 2015

For the past two decades, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has worked with local organizers in Alabama to host the Freethought Advance gathering at Lake Hypatia, but this year the organizers have been unable to put it together due to health issues. So some of the longtime attendees have organized an alternate event in Tennessee instead. Here are the details:

Smoky Mountain Freethought Advance (Not Retreat!)

Because the Lake Hypatia July 4 “Advance!” is not being held this year, we have good news!

The Rationalists of East Tennessee is holding a substitute event in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, in Townsend, TN, July 3 and 4th.

Cost $120/person (children under 18 are free). Meals are a la carte at an additional fee. Lodging and Advance are at Tremont Lodge and Resort, 7726 E Lamar Alexander Parkway, Townsend, TN 37882-4039 (865) 448-3200 or (844) 448-3200 with a 10% discount if RET is mentioned as the Group. A block of rooms will only be held until May 29, so reserve soon!

There is a stunning list of speakers already confirmed with more to come, plus there will be the traditional “Freethought Jeopardy” and even fireworks.

For more information contact Aleta Ledendecker at aledendecker@me.com.

I’ve long wanted to go to the Lake Hypatia event but never had the chance. Hopefully that event can return next year, but in the meantime this one sounds pretty cool too.

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