Levin: Gitmo Detainees Have More Rights Than Cops

Levin: Gitmo Detainees Have More Rights Than Cops May 13, 2015

Mark Levin, the far-right alleged legal scholar, went on Sean Hannity’s TV show and said one of the single dumbest things ever uttered on television. He actually claimed, with a totally straight face, that detainees at Guantanamo Bay have more due process rights than those six Baltimore cops charged in the killing of a black man in custody.

“But all of that said, we should be focusing on injustice here,” Levin said. “The mob is in the state prosecutor’s office, the mob mentality. I don’t care. Look, I’m a conservative. I don’t run around defending mass murderers and terrorists and so forth, but I do believe in the constitutional system. How can it be that terrorists in Guantanamo Bay apparently have more due process rights, apparently are released even though they go back to the battlefield and they kill Americans and others, how can it be that they are treated one way and police officers another?”

How fucking delusional do you have to be to make that claim? Let’s list a few things rights those cops have that Gitmo detainees don’t:

1. The cops won’t be tortured, nor will they have confessions coerced by torture used against them.

2. They’ll get a conventional civilian trial with all of the due process rights every criminal has.

3. They’ll have an attorney.

4. They’ll be able to confront their accusers.

5. They’ll have a jury to hear the case, one that is almost certainly very biased in favor of the police.

6. They will be able to appeal their verdict.

7. They’ll be free pending trial.

Levin is lying. And he knows he’s lying. But he knows his target audience is stupid enough to believe it because it fits their preconceived notions, which are comprised of more lies spread by Levin and his ideological compatriots.

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