Oh No! Obama is ‘Radically Deconstructing the Family’!

Oh No! Obama is ‘Radically Deconstructing the Family’! May 13, 2015

Todd Starnes, Fox News’ resident hysterical liar, is verklempt over a decision by a school board in Virginia that recently voted to protect transgender students in its official policies. That leads him on a rant about how Obama (who has nothing to do with the Virginia situation) is “radically deconstructing the family.”

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes, who championed the effort to block the nondiscrimination provision, appeared on James’s show to denounce the board and attack the Obama administration for barring such discrimination under Title IX. “Your public schools are being turned into public indoctrination centers,” Starnes told James. “Moms and dads, they’re going to have to take back their schools or else this is going to happen in other districts around the country.”…

Starnes told listeners to rise up and fight Obama administration officials who are “radically deconstructing the American family … through the public school system.” Parents, he said, should “indoctrinate” their own children “the way we see fit.” He alleged that the administration was willing to “risk poor children going hungry by yanking the funding for free lunch” if the school district didn’t approve the non-discrimination measure.

Oh please, Mr. Starnes, do explain to us how protecting LGBT people against discrimination is “radically deconstructing the family.” Is it going to deconstruct your family? Any families that you know? Of course not. You keep using these phrases that sound so scary but are completely substance-free. It’s meaningless gibberish turned into a fear-mongering marketing slogan.

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