Savage: This Time Obama is Really Going to Take Our Guns

Savage: This Time Obama is Really Going to Take Our Guns May 13, 2015

Michael Savage has made repeated claims about how the Obama administration was going to use this or that pretext to seize all the guns in the country. None of those predictions have ever come true, of course, but he’s a plucky one who doesn’t give up that easily. He has a whole new prediction:

Every year, we hear from right-wing outlets some new way that President​ Obama is going to secretly ban guns. Such gun bans, of course, never materialize, prompting the pundit to just move on to the next conspiracy theory.

Take Michael Savage, for example. Last year, the right-wing radio talk show host claimed that Obama would “use Ebola as a pretext” to “take the guns.” Since that never happened, Savage now has a new theory for his fans: Obama will sneak a gun ban into the Trans Pacific Partnership, a controversial free trade deal, without the public ever knowing about it.

“This is a dictatorship as sure as I’m sitting here,” Savage told his listeners on Friday. “Obama’s the most dictatorial president in American history, he was never fit for office, he was voted out of office in November.”

He was voted out of office? How did the rest of us not notice that? Must be that alternate reality on Planet Wingnuttia. And how many times does someone get to predict the same thing and not have it come true before everyone just realizes that they’re completely full of shit? When Obama leaves office in two years without ever having seized the guns, we all get to point and laugh.

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