Another Inane Reason Not to Talk About Racism

Another Inane Reason Not to Talk About Racism May 14, 2015

The list of arguments that conservatives dash off whenever someone talks about racism is long and incredibly dumb. In response to Michelle Obama talking about racism during a commencement speech at a historically black college, a Fox News guest came up with a new one:

Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan asserted on Tuesday that First Lady Michelle Obama had been wrong to bring up racial issues in a recent commencement speech because she owed her success to the color of her skin…

McGlowan argued that Obama’s speech may have been acceptable if it had been a “regular time” in the history of the United States, but that she should have avoided the topic because her husband, President Barack Obama, and former Attorney General Eric Holder had “utilized race to divide this country.”

“By saying ‘we’ and ‘against us’ is saying that there is a white oppressor, that there’s a system that’s against us,” she explained. “However, why didn’t the first lady share the reason why she got into Princeton was probably because of Affirmative Action?”

“The reason why she became an associate at a law firm was probably because of diversity, they needed a woman — not saying that she wasn’t qualified — but they needed a woman, and a woman of color. That’s a twofer.”

Notice that “probably” in there. She has no idea whether the first lady got into Princeton because of affirmative action or not. But she surely does know that she graduated from Princeton with honors and went on to Harvard Law School, where she also did very well. She also has no idea whether she was hired by one of the top firms in Chicago because of some need for diversity, but Harvard Law grads rarely need any such help.

But even if both of those totally unsupported claims were 100% true, so what? How would it logically follow that therefore she should never speak about racism in our society? By what possible reasoning would that be a rational statement? This is just a pretext, another fake argument from those who bizarrely think that racism is caused by us bothering to discuss racism.

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