States Prepare to Defy Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

States Prepare to Defy Supreme Court Marriage Ruling May 14, 2015

Sometimes I just marvel at how utterly clueless the Christian right can be. A bunch of states, including my own, are working on legislation to put up roadblocks to prevent gay people from being allowed to get married even if the Supreme Court says they have to.

The U.S. Supreme Court is now weighing arguments in the same-sex marriage case it heard on April 28 that could lead to a landmark decision requiring all states to acknowledge the unions.

But don’t count Texas out without a fight.

State lawmakers are considering at least five bills designed to block same-sex marriages, which are currently illegal in the state, and some state leaders say they’ll battle to bar the unions regardless of any Supreme Court decision…

Texas joins a handful of states, including Alabama, Michigan and Louisiana, that are considering legislation that would throw up roadblocks to gay marriage in apparent anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling. Indiana and Arkansas recently backed down on similar bills.

In Louisiana, lawmakers are studying the “Marriage and Conscience Act,” which, if passed, would allow employers to deny same-sex spouses marriage benefits and give state contractors the right to refuse to hire gays and lesbians who marry.

The funny thing to me is that they think this will actually work. The Louisiana law might work for its limited purposes because there are no anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people at either the state or federal level, but the Texas plan to cut funding for same-sex marriages is simply absurd. If the Supreme Court rules that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry, that law would be just as unconstitutional as the state’s ban. It would be struck down in a matter of minutes upon being challenged in court. They can’t just find some other way to keep it from happening.

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