Farris: Kids ‘Bludgeoned to Death Intellectually and Spiritually’ in Public Schools

Farris: Kids ‘Bludgeoned to Death Intellectually and Spiritually’ in Public Schools May 15, 2015

Michael Farris, the head of Patrick Henry College and the Home School Legal Defense Association, is, like most right wingers, a bit of a hysteric. The man who once warned that Obama was going to allow the UN to remove kids with glasses from their homes now says that kids will be “bludgeoned to death intellectually and spiritually” in public schools because of gay marriage.

“The forces of officialdom,” Farris said, are “making it very difficult to see that anything other than your kids are going to be bludgeoned to death intellectually and spiritually if they’re remaining in the schools.”

Farris warned that there is a “philosophical war” in America, claiming that “the new, arriving orthodoxy is imposing a form of heresy trials and if any of us believe something that’s wrong, we’re going to find ourselves coerced and facing very serious legal consequences if we insist on believing that we don’t accept the articles of faith of same-sex marriage, of what I believe and you believe are sinful activities, being called right and good and wonderful.”

Projection much?

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