Kincaid: The Pope is a Commie Pinko!

Kincaid: The Pope is a Commie Pinko! May 15, 2015

Cliff Kincaid, the perpetually hysterical and ridiculous “thinker” from Accuracy in Media, is unleashing the big rhetorical guns on Pope Francis, calling him a Marxist who is going to create a one-world socialist state to oppress Christians. Because that’s totally reasonable.

Since we published our article, “Catholic Church Captured by ‘Progressive Forces,’” it is starting to dawn on many in and out of the media that Pope Francis has come down on the side of the “progressive,” and even Marxist, forces in the world today…

Francis had a one-hour meeting with Raul Castro on May 10. The day before, Castro had greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Francis will visit Cuba in September prior to his tour of the United States.

The Associated Press reported that Castro commented, after meeting with the pope, that the pontiff “is a Jesuit, and I, in some way, am too.” Castro added, “I always studied at Jesuit schools.” He also promised, “When the pope goes to Cuba in September, I promise to go to all his Masses, and with satisfaction.”

The evidence is getting too big for the major media to ignore: the pope has made common cause with the forces of international Marxism, which are associated with atheism, the suppression of traditional Christianity and the persecution and murder of Christians.

Conservative Catholics and many others are terrified of what is to come. Some fear that the Roman Catholic Church has joined the campaign for a global socialist state that could turn into an anti-Christian tyranny.

Dr. Timothy Ball, author of The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, told me during a recent interview: “I think the Catholic Church is regretting making him the pope. They did it because the previous pope was starting to deal with the problems of pedophilia and corruption in the money in the church. So the powerful Cardinals pushed him [Benedict] aside.

“It wasn’t a health matter at all. He just realized he couldn’t beat them…He [Francis] is bringing in these socialist ideas. He’s already expressed some of them—about inequities of wealth, redistributing the wealth, which are themes you’ve heard from Obama.”

Ooh, secret Vatican conspiracies, presented with no evidence whatsoever, of course. And redistribution of wealth! OMG! If redistribution of wealth is proof of Marxism, then virtually the entire world is Marxist. Every major country in the world redistributes wealth (mostly upward, contrary to right wing myth). This is just far-right, John Birch Society-style nonsense.

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