Federer: Gay Rights Leads to Islamic Takeover

Federer: Gay Rights Leads to Islamic Takeover May 16, 2015

Bill Federer, the poor man’s David Barton who now writes a column for the Worldnetdaily, went on an American Family Radio talk show this week and provided a truly dizzying argument for why protecting gay rights leads inevitably to a Muslim takeover of America.

Federer claimed that Europe “went from a Judeo-Christian past into a neutral-secular-gay-agenda present and now it’s going into an Islamic future,” arguing that “the sexual confusion agenda is simply a transition phase” that will soon “be taken over by Islam.”

The U.S. military, Federer said, is undergoing such a process, claiming that Christian service members are being “pushed out or into the closet” as the result of gay rights laws, “and now we are seeing the introduction of Islam and these proselytizing classes under the guise of teaching you to be sensitive to the Muslim, but they are making large numbers of converts to Islam in the military.”

As Right Wing Watch points out, this is also the guy who predicted in 2012 that Obama was going to fake an assassination attempt in order to win reelection. His grasp on reality doesn’t even reach the level of tenuous.

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