RNC Caucus Listens to Guy Who Thinks Gays Cause CA Drought

RNC Caucus Listens to Guy Who Thinks Gays Cause CA Drought May 17, 2015

What happens when you publicly declare that the drought in California is God’s punishment on the state for harboring all those evil gay people? Why, you get invited to address the Republican National Committee’s Conservative Steering Committee. And everyone’s favorite bigot, Dave Agema, cheers you on.

First you all should know that this committee sent a Amicus brief to the Supreme Court against homosexual marriage. We all hope it makes a difference. The Republican Party has always supported traditional marriage.

William Koenig (, a Washington correspondent spoke on the history of what happens when a president or country tries to divide Israel for peace. He stated- it never works. He stated that one of the most frequent visitors to the Whitehouse under Clinton was Arafat. He stated Obama’s behavior towards Israel , abortion and marriage is undermining his presidency. He also stated that George W. Bush’s presidency began to falter after he agreed to consider dividing Israel for peace and that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. He also gave a history of the ” Blood Moons” and how they intertwined with Israel’s history.

Oh yeah, thinking gay people caused the drought isn’t bizarre enough, you gotta throw in some of that blood moons bullshit if you really want to get applause from Agema and his merry band of bigots and dumbasses. These people are members of the Republican National Committee, for crying out loud, and they lap this bullshit up with a spoon.

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