DesJardins: Women Aren’t Allowed to Do What I Pressured My Mistress to Do

DesJardins: Women Aren’t Allowed to Do What I Pressured My Mistress to Do May 18, 2015

You remember Scott DesJardins, right? He’s the Republican “family values” congressman from Tennessee who had affairs with at least half a dozen women, two of them his patients in flagrant violation of the oath he took as a doctor, and pressured at least one of them into having an abortion. But he apparently thinks women only have a right to an abortion when they’re pressured into one by their doctors.

The Tennessee Republican congressman who supported his ex-wife’s decision to get two abortions was among those who voted in favor of a ban on most late-term abortions.

Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a Jasper physician, was one of 242 House members who voted Wednesday to pass the bill, which forbids most abortions starting with the 20th week of pregnancy.

“Congressman DesJarlais was proud to vote in favor of this legislation,” said his spokesman Robert Jameson, who added that DesJarlais has maintained a “100 percent pro-life voting record” during his five years in Congress and “has always advocated for pro-life values.”

DesJarlais’ support of his ex-wife’s abortions, which occurred before their 1995 marriage, was revealed after his 2012 re-election to Congress in a divorce trial transcript. The transcript also showed the physician had engaged in multiple affairs with patients, and pressured one of them to get an abortion after she told him she was pregnant. The outcome of that pregnancy is unknown.

Yeah, he’s always advocated for “pro-life values” — except when it involves women he’s either cheating on or cheating with. Those women should have abortions, but no other women should. The most incredible thing about this? This asshole was reelected to office after all of this became public.

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