Scientologists to the Rescue in Nepal

Scientologists to the Rescue in Nepal May 18, 2015

As innumerable other organizations, including Foundation Beyond Belief, mobilize to get food, water, medical supplies and other necessities to Nepal after two horrific earthquakes, the “Church” of Scientology is sending e-meters and “volunteer ministers” instead.

Scientologists profess a range of supernatural powers. They claim the ability to turn drunk people sober in minutes. A Scientologist can heal the traumatized, so they say, simply by reconnecting a victim’s body with a “thetan,” or immortal spirits.

None of this is backed by medical science. But that hasn’t stopped Scientologists from flying to Nepal — alongside many other religious and spiritual groups — to practice dubious healing techniques on grieving earthquake survivors…

This Scientologist disaster squad is dispatched to deliver their signature healing techniques. Called “assists,” these procedures don’t involve medicine or medical equipment. They usually amount to a set of verbal commands along with some with light touching, such as running fingers up a person’s spine. Trauma victims are often asked to re-enact painful events at the location in which they occurred.

The purported effects of “assists” are nothing short of miraculous.

They claim grief will evaporate from a traumatized mind. They claim serious injuries can rapidly heal. According to The Scientology Handbook, “accidents and illness and bacterial infection are predetermined in almost all cases by spiritual malfunction” and Scientologists can fix these ailments by addressing a person’s inner thetan.

Yeah, bacterial infections are caused by thetans, which explains why they’re easily knocked out (except in the most extreme cases) by a dose of antibiotics. Antibiotics must be like kryptonite to those thetans. They’re doing absolutely nothing there except scamming people and wasting their time.

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