Christians Pray Against Psychic Expo

Christians Pray Against Psychic Expo May 19, 2015

Okay, I find this really amusing. In Saint Mary’s, Pennsylvania, there was a “psychic” expo held at a Moose lodge and a bunch of local Christians decided to take a brave stand against such superstitious fakery by…holding a prayer rally outside the building.

More than a dozen people were prayed outside the Moose Lodge in the heart of Saint Marys Saturday, to protest a psychic and holistic expo.

“As Christians, we read in scripture that it forbids psychics and mediums and so we are offering our side of the story because a lot of these people attending these things are Christians. We want to inform them what the bible teaches us as what our church believes,” Father Ross Miceli with the Saint Boniface Church said.

Members of the Purple Power Relay for Life team organized the expo. They said it was for entertainment purposes and to raise money for the Relay for Life campaign.

“Most of the people coming in support us. They can’t understand and they don’t feel like we are doing anything wrong,” said Betty Polaski with the Purple Power Relay for Life team said.

I say a pox on them both, so I’m going to throw some salt over my shoulder, sprinkle some chicken blood on a map of that town and poke a voodoo doll with some pins. That’ll teach ’em.

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