Hasselbeck: ‘Where’s the Justice’ in Allowing Criminal Appeals?

Hasselbeck: ‘Where’s the Justice’ in Allowing Criminal Appeals? May 19, 2015

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, one-third of the holy trinity of stupidity that is the Fox and Friends morning show, can’t believe that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev actually gets to appeal his conviction and sentence in a higher court. “Where’s the justice in that?” she cluelessly asks.

Last week, a jury voted to sentence convicted Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death. Experts have predicted that appeals could take a decade or more after Tsarnaev is formally sentenced later this summer. Some of the families of victims had even asked prosecutors to end their quest for the death penalty to spare them years of traumatic court proceedings.

On Monday, Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck argued that “relief was felt in Boston” when word came that Tsarnaev would be executed.

“We’ve got friends and family there ourselves and, I think, most Americans looked at this as justice is done,” she opined. “But now we hear about this appeals process, and we’re wondering, where’s the justice in that?”

Death penalty proponent Robert Blecker explained to Hasselbeck that appeals were guaranteed to condemned inmates, and he argued that they should be.

Here’s what is so absurd about the conservative mindset: Government is terrible and incompetent and can’t do anything right. Except the police, who never do anything wrong. And the courts, which never convict an innocent person ever. And the military. Except when they’re invading Texas to give federal control over a state that is already under federal control. There’s nothing remotely coherent about this, it’s just a bunch of contradictory catchphrases thrown together while they pretend that it adds up to a consistent ideology.

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