Jindal’s Hypocritical Comments on Hypocrisy

Jindal’s Hypocritical Comments on Hypocrisy May 19, 2015

Bobby Jindal has been very busy pushing this notion that if Christians aren’t allowed to discriminate, they’re being persecuted and that “the left” therefore lacks “tolerance.” But his accusations of hypocrisy are riddled with his own rather obvious hypocrisy.

“The only group, it seems like, that the left is willing to discriminate against today is evangelical Christians and others with traditional values and beliefs,” he concluded, citing cases of business owners sued for refusing service to gay and lesbian customers.

“I would think the left, even if they don’t share our Judeo-Christian heritage or views or beliefs, they would recognize in America, one of the great strengths in this country is the diversity and the tolerance for others that disagree with them, and it’s sad to see their hypocrisy today,” he said.

So let me get this straight: It’s conservative Christians who stand for “diversity and tolerance for others” by advocating for their right to discriminate against gay people and refuse to serve them or hire them in their businesses? And it’s liberals who want to do away with such discrimination who are being intolerant and who are against diversity? Diversity and tolerance…you keep using those words.

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