Klingenschmitt Warns Against Smoking the Devil’s Weed

Klingenschmitt Warns Against Smoking the Devil’s Weed May 19, 2015

Our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt, who lives in Colorado where growing, smoking and selling marijuana is completely legal warned the handful of people who watch his ragtag internet “TV show” against smoking pot because they’ll be “devoured by the devil.”

Colorado state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt is not pleased that voters in his state voted in 2012 to legalize marijuana, telling “Pray In Jesus Name” viewers this week that people who use pot are inviting “a demonic spirit of drunkenness” into their bodies.

“When you begin hallucinating, I’m told, and you begin seeing these images,” he said, “you’re having apparitions and you are seeing and interacting with and welcoming to rule your heart a demonic spirit of drunkenness. That’s not recreational. It’s evil.”

Klingenschmitt said that before using pot, one should ask oneself: “Do you really want to be devoured by the devil?”

For a lot of people, Gordon, I suspect smoking pot is the only way they can listen to your perpetual idiocy without losing their minds.

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