Miller and O’Keefe Discuss Journalistic Ethics

Miller and O’Keefe Discuss Journalistic Ethics May 19, 2015

Judith Miller, the former New York Times writer who slavishly helped the Bush administration beat the drum for the invasion of Iraq, and James O’Keefe, the incredibly punchable frat boy who fancies himself a right-wing Hunter S. Thompson, actually held a public discussion about journalistic ethics:

Ex-New York Times reporter Judith Miller and rightwing guerilla filmmaker James O’Keefe filmed an hour-long discussion trying to answer the question that has persisted through their careers: “Why do they hate us?”

“I think journalists who poke holes in comforting narratives tend to be subjected to a fair amount of scorn,” Miller told O’Keefe. “I’ve spent my whole life trying to poke holes in comfortable narratives. And I think that annoys people.”

She commiserated with O’Keefe about being “despised” by the mainstream media, saying that the two were united by “skepticism” and their efforts to get at the truth.

This was just the opening act, though. That was followed by a conversation between Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler about human rights and a Donald Trump speech about how to do a great-looking combover.

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