Farah: The Commies are Coming, the Commies are Coming!

Farah: The Commies are Coming, the Commies are Coming! May 21, 2015

You’d think by now, 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, that the right wing would have gotten over its obsession with communism. You’d be wrong. It’s still their go-to scare tactic, as Joseph Farah demonstrates in asking: Do you want a communist America?

The idea of a communist America – big C or small – was once the stuff of movie fantasies like “Red Dawn.”

Not any longer. Not since the Democratic Party mainstream establishment began to embrace essentially the same political agenda as the Communist Party USA, founded as an arm of the Soviet Union before its fall, as well as the Socialist Party USA.

Today, the thought of socialism is no longer categorically rejected by a significant percentage of Americans, while communism, despite its genocidal history, no longer raises fears of gulags, tyranny and re-education camps.

How did this happen? How did we reach this state of affairs?

We didn’t, actually, you’re just a demagogue using the tried-and-false tactic of creating a boogeyman out of communism that simply doesn’t exist. Oh yes, the Soviet gulags were horrible and the entire system of communism was a human rights nightmare, to be sure. But the idea that America is hurdling headlong into a socialist or communist dystopia is nothing short of laughable.

Here’s the actual question that should be asked: Is there any chance whatsoever that the American government is going to seize all private wealth and nationalize all the factories and businesses? The answer, obviously, is no. It’s not even remotely a plausible idea. There is no one in our entire political system who would even suggest such a thing, much less that it would pass. Even the most “radical” American politician, Bernie Sanders, makes no such proposals. And without that, you don’t have socialism or communism.

Seriously, it’s 2015. It’s time to stop seeing communist boogeymen lurking in the closet. They don’t exist. They haven’t existed for a long time. And this constant invocation of communism as some sort of magic talisman to frighten the little children is, at this point, simply pathetic.

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