FRC, MRC Try to Get Dan Savage Sitcom Canceled

FRC, MRC Try to Get Dan Savage Sitcom Canceled May 22, 2015

The Family Research Council sends out alerts to its followers every week not only telling them what to pray about but precisely how to pray about it. This week they’re encouraging them to pray that a sitcom based on the life of Dan Savage be canceled.

ABC-Disney’s New Low – Our friends at the Media Research Center (MRC) are promoting a petition urging Disney-owned ABC to cancel its new series highlighting one of the nation’s nastiest, openly anti-Christian homosexual activists, Dan Savage. The supposed-to-be-funny TV show, is a new low in youth “entertainment” from Disney. Its agenda is clearly to mainstream homosexuality, and stir up contempt for Christians (see MRC Article & video of TV show trailer – Disclaimer: foul language, themes – not for children; Pray & Sign Petition).

Pray that thinking Americans will reject the filth that ABC-Disney is spewing upon our nation and using to harm our children. May the MRC petition succeed and this nasty program be cancelled! (1 Kgs 12:6-11; Pr 19:26-29; Zep 3:1-5; Col 3:4-7; 2 Pet 2:4-10; Jude 1:5-10, 17-25)

That’s odd. When that whole brouhaha erupted over Duck Dynasty and there were petitions to get that show canceled, the Family Research Council threw a tantrum about it. Tony Perkins railed against the “homosexual activists increasing campaign of intimidation” and said they were trying to “silence [Phil Robertson] to intimidate others” and “demonizing and marginalizing” him. His organization condemned the “totalitarian tactics of the left.” His fellow anti-gay bigots called the petition to get Duck Dynasty removed “homofascism” and said that they were trying to destroy his “rights to religious freedom and freedom of speech.”

But when they start a petition to get a show they don’t like removed, it’s suddenly — and magically — not totalitarian or fascist or an attempt to intimidate anyone or censor them. It’s all about whose ox is being gored, isn’t it? Just like when liberals boycott a company it’s “economic terrorism” but magically is not that when conservatives boycott a company.

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