White Supremacists Want Their Own MLK or Gandhi

White Supremacists Want Their Own MLK or Gandhi May 22, 2015

The nation’s better-dressed white supremacists (no white sheets, just suits and ties) gathered in Tennessee a few weeks ago to discuss their plans to combat the dark-skinned menace. Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute said that what white supremacists really need is their own Martin Luther King or Gandhi.

The event included a debate about whether “the race problem” can be solved within “the U.S. political system,” with Brimelow and Derbyshire arguing that it can, and Spencer and Dickson arguing that it cannot.

Spencer argued that white Americans are becoming marginalized and victimized by an increasing non-white population, a problem that can only be confronted by finding “a white-advocate Martin Luther King or a white-advocate Gandhi” who can similarly “start from a position of weakness and capture people’s imagination.”

Or maybe you should have a white supremacist superhero. I mean, “grand wizard” and “grand dragon” already sound like fictional characters, not to mention “exalted cyclops.” And those white sheets can easily be turned into a cape with little effort. And thus Xenophobe Man is born!

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