The Dumbest Argument Yet From Mat Staver?

The Dumbest Argument Yet From Mat Staver? May 23, 2015

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, may have come up with his dumbest argument yet. I know, that’s hard to quantify and it’s up against a lot of competition, but this may be it. In an article about secular celebrants performing marriages, he somehow makes it about The Gay.

A lawsuit by an atheist seeking to perform legal marriages suggests the impact homosexual “marriage” could have on pastors if it’s recognized nationwide.

Uh, no. It doesn’t. The two issues have nothing remotely to do with one another.

Citing equal treatment under the law, a Minnesota atheist filed suit for the legal right to perform civil marriage ceremonies…

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel argues that in a different respect, the lawsuit suggests what might happen if the Supreme Court rules against normal marriage in just a few weeks.

“There frankly is a brief before the Supreme Court that was filed by a law professor that questions that very thing,” he advises. “That if same-sex marriage is legalized, the question is whether or not pastors and other churches would have to perform same-sex ceremonies.”

He predicts that’s a line that pastors will not cross but it’s a “conflict in the making.”

If the “civil right” of a homosexual marriage wins over religious freedom, says Staver, then religious freedom is lost and with it the “heart and soul of America.”

This is so baffling that one has to wonder if Charlie Butts, the “reporter” who wrote the article, was working on two articles, one about secular celebrants and one about same-sex marriage, and pasted Staver’s statement about same-sex marriage into the one about secular celebrants. There isn’t even a hint of a whisper of a logical connection between the subject of the article and Staver’s quote. Butts could have quoted Staver talking about his favorite flavor of ice cream and it would be as relevant as what he said here.

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